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Apart from our investigators out in
the field, we have an exceptional team
that operates behind the scenes.


All of our Desktop Investigations
can be handled

Social Media Investigation 

With this being "the digital era", social media applications and blogging are a major part of everyone’s lives.

These outlets are potentially rich with claimant information, life events and timeline documentation of activities. This information can assist with verification of the claimant’s residence, documentation of known activities and an idea of when they may become active. These resources provide information that can potentially lead to lower claims cost.


When paired with surveillance, our operations team uses this information to strategize the best suitable time for surveillance in an effort to obtain positive video documentation of the claimant’s activities.

Iconic Investigations Social Media Search is composed of the data obtained from online applications to include blogs, social networking sites, and search engines. Iconic Investigations is qualified to conduct this service nationwide.

Social network concept
social media investigations
Background Checks

Iconic Investigations Background Check is a significant part of every investigation as resources allow us to obtain your subject’s address history, known relatives, asset information, business/professional license, criminal history and driving records.


A background check combined with other Iconic Services can lead to new relevant information that can assist with lowering your claim cost. We know every claim is different; as a result we can cater this service to the specific needs of your claim. Iconic Investigations is qualified to conduct background checks nationwide.

Background Checks
Medical Canvass

Iconic Investigations Medical Canvasses are an instrumental tool for identifying previous claimant illnesses and injuries. Iconic Investigations offers a detailed medical search that is accurate, cost-effective and completed in a timely manner.


Our standard canvass includes 36 locations divided between Hospitals, Pharmacies and Walk-in Clinics in a location where the claimant is known to or has resided. With this report able to be specifically tailored we can also inquire with Imaging centers, Orthopedics, Labs, Gyms, and Diagnostic centers.


In our report you should expect to observe the location contacted, records found, if it was an in/out patient or emergency service, dates of service, point of contact at the facility and any additional information provided.  Iconic Investigations is qualified to conduct this service nationwide.

Medica Canvass
Video Recorded Statements

With this service we can safely conduct interviews and statements from a computer or cell phone.

The recipients will be provided with a “Join Meeting” button in an email that takes them right to the online meeting.


No apps are needed to be downloaded.

The statements can be recorded with a date and time stamp. The service is conducted through a secure and safe portal. Online document signing is available with this service. After the statement is conduct you will be provided with a report and links to view the video/audio recording. 


*Transcription of the statement is available with this service for an additional cost

Video Recorded Statements
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