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Our team of determined 
investigators are experts in the field 


We navigate complex investigations while delivering results that are accurate, timely, and reliable.


The best tool to limit your exposure on a claim is surveillance. Our surveillance service provides detailed observation of a claimant with qualified, licensed and experienced investigators, operating “ultra-high definition” cameras which produce results that can lead to cost savings on your claims. When a claimant is observed to enter a public establishment, our team will enter to further document the claimant’s activity and abilities.


While on the investigation, our experienced operations team will keep you up to date on the activities observed. A surveillance request includes a complimentary “Icon Check”, 8 hours of onsite surveillance and a completed court ready report.

Recorded Statements

How can you confirm that an employee’s alleged injury happened at the employment location and when the claimant was working?


Iconic Investigations Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment statements are designed just for this purpose.

During our recorded statement, the claimant is typically asked a series of questions related to their claim, such as how the incident occurred, what injuries were sustained, and what medical treatment has been received. The statement is typically recorded and transcribed for future reference.


Signing a Contract
Accident Investigations

During an accident investigation our investigators arrive to the area, assess the neighborhood, businesses, and potential surveillance systems that may have documented the accident/injury.


The area of the accident and any equipment/vehicles involved are documented. Statements are obtained from local witnesses.


The crash report is obtained from local law enforcement and possible subrogation opportunities are investigated. A final report is provided with the assessment.

Acciden Investigations
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